Andrew Lambourne

Andrew Lambourne's career has focused on the use of technology to help busy professionals to become more productive, particularly in the areas of speech, language and information processing.

He pioneered many of the tools and techniques which make it possible and cost-effective to provide live TV subtitles, and subtitles for the huge number of recorded programmes. He also created market-leading systems for the production and delivery of information services accompanying TV broadcasts - from teletext to digital text and interactive services.

His research interest is in the gap between what the best speech and language tools for transcription, translation and alignment can currently achieve, and the corresponding capability of a human being. This starts to move towards true AI and how the rich cognitive processing performed by the human brain can better be modelled in a computer environment. Such research will benefit not only the huge demand for fast, accurate transcription of meetings, media content and live TV broadcasts, but also continues to deliver insights into what truly constitutes intelligence, how the brain does such a fantastic job of making sense from noisy, faulty input, and therefore how people still do much better in these complex tasks.