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236 Experts from 30 Countries in Berlin to Dialogue about Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media

Berlin. Languages & the Media, an international conference addressing language transfer in audiovisual media, opens today, November 22. A total of 236 media professionals and translators from thirty countries will convene for two days of international dialogue. The symposium spotlights audiodescription, subtitling, dubbing, localization, and translation in television, film, the Internet, and other audiovisual media. The international conference takes place at the Hotel Berlin.

The opening of the Conference is devoted to innovations in the translation sector brought about by new technologies, cost reductions and changes in the translator profession itself. From the very beginning, the Conference will offer participants applicable solutions that are the product of best practices. Thereafter, international experts will discuss the opportunities presented by technological developments and the concomitant co-operation among broadcasters, the industry and universities in the field of audiovisual translation.

Both today and tomorrow, the ninth Languages & The Media focuses on how technologies are influencing the process of subtitling, dubbing and voice-over. In presentations, workshops and panel discussions, experts from thirty countries including Australia, Finland, Greece, India, Canada, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine and the USA will discuss the central topic of "translating in multilingual communities".

The Conference will serve as a network for decision makers along with language and media practitioners from science, academia and business. The Conference themes will appeal to providers of audiovisual media products, television networks, organisers of film festivals, developers and translators of web pages, dubbing companies, subtitling and localisation experts, language and media scientists, as well as representatives from consumer organisations, amongst others.

Further information on Languages & The Media is available here:

LANGUAGES & THE MEDIA - Sprachen & Medien

9th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media
November 21st – 23rd, 2012, Hotel Berlin, Berlin

Registration fees:
Standard EUR 400; Supporting organisations EUR 340; Students EUR 200
Organiser: ICWE GmbH, Leibnizstrasse 32, 10625 Berlin, Germany
Contact: Lenka Houskova, Tel: +49 (0)30 310 18 18-0,

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