Silvia Surian

Silvia Surian holds a BA in Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures (English and German) from UCSC in Milan and an MA in Screen Translation from the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT) in Forlì, University of Bologna. After graduating from SSLMIT, she worked as an in-house subtitler and later Project Manager at Titelbild Subtitling and Translation in Berlin. In 2012, she joined Eurotape Media Services where she co-founded the subtitling and access services department. In her role as Project and Operations Manager, she was responsible for managing subtitling and accessibility projects as well as recruiting, training and coordinating both in-house and freelance translators. Since 2016 Silvia works as an independent audiovisual translation professional and consultant. She is a member of ESIST.

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