Änne Troester

Änne Troester has been a dubbing scriptwriter for nearly twenty years, and considers "Peaky Blinders," "Extras," and the new Star Trek films three of her most satisfying projects to date. She has also worked as a supervisor and language consultant on international dubbing projects from The Grinch to The Emoji Movie. Her training concept for the Synchronverband e.V. - Die Gilde has produced a number of scriptwriting colleagues over the last half dozen years. Before moving into the dubbing industry, she worked as a translator, editor, and proofreader for advertising copy, books, and audio plays, as well as dubbing projects. She was Exberliner magazine's film editor for a decade. She is co-chair of the Synchronverband, where she is also active in the Diversity Initiative. Änne Troester holds a PhD in American Studies from Leipzig University and lives in Berlin.

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